Café 1925 is a hot and vintage jazz orchestra with a predilection for Duke Ellington’s « Jungle era », Fats Waller’s wild and joyful themes, New York and Chicago small-band pearls and vocal Jazz.
What also makes this great team of musicians apart in the vintage jazz world, is the fact that they play on collection instruments which were those played by the mythical orchestras of the years 1920 to 1930.

The musicians

Traditional Jazz Musician France

Yves Arnold


Clarinetist, Saxophonist and Pianist.

Leader of several bands ranging from french songs to rock and Jazz.

He introduces himself as white ``Ivorian`` (french joke. Sorry, cannot be translated) since he became blind in the early 2010s.

Fortunately, he did not lose his ear and he is today a key clarinetist of the jazz scene in Grenoble, with a sound and style modeled on the mythical musicians of the swing era.

Yves plays a 1932 Selmer clarinet

Traditional Jazz Musician France

Pierre Fournier


Pierre is the Café 1925 arranger.

He is the one who gets mad and imposes humiliating sanctions when a musicians plays a false note for example, which fortunately never happens.

If you are rich, have the good taste to love the music played by Café 1925 and want to hire us, it's with him that you will negotiate the lucrative contract that you will offer us. Thanks in advance.

Pierre plays a Conn 58B trumpet from 1928.

Traditional Jazz Musician France

Nicolas Dieudonné


The drummer that all bands want to have.

But also bassist ... and a living encyclopedia of the history of Jazz swing.

He is also the man behind the concerts scheduled at the last minute at the Café le Duo, in Touvet, near Grenoble. His fief.

Finally, it's Nicolas Dieudonné …

Nico plays a 1934 Ludwig drums

Traditional Jazz Musician France

Olivier Allain


The last decade has been dominated by two great discoveries in the field of archeology:
1) A new corridor was found in the Khéops pyramid, in the Gizeh region (Egypt)
2) A Sousaphone player was found in the Grenoble region (France)

The Sousaphonist is Olivier Allain, from Café 1925, who, like the Panda, is a protected, endangered species, which attracts every year thousands of tourists mainly from Southeast Asia.

Olivier plays a Conn Sousaphone from 1943 and a ``Conn Recording Tuba`` from 1947.

Traditional Jazz Musician France

Pierre Ruau


He has been the banjo player of many classic jazz orchestras in the region of Grenoble before switching to the Dobro Guitar when the Swing wave swept over France and then invaded every continents ...

Pierre plays a Dobro Guitar National from 1931.

Traditional Jazz Musician France

Traditional Jazz Musician France – Café 1925 great team of musicians

Traditional Jazz Musician France – You have to come, listen and watch the Café 1925 musicians. They are authentical Hot Jazz lovers, great entertainers and just among the best traditional Jazz players in France !

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