Back to the Cotton Club

The music of Duke Ellington
The Harlem Rhythm Band invites André Wentzo

After years of playing Duke Ellington's music separately and ending up on the same scenes, at the same festivals, André Wentzo, a famous connoisseurs of the Duke and a great double bass player and the Harlem Rhythm Band have decided to put on the show "Back to the Cotton Club ".

« Back to the Cotton Club » is 90 minutes of entertainment entirely devoted to Duke Ellington's music from the 1930s at the Cotton Club in New York, to the 1950s.
A journey among Duke’s famous compositions and some forgotten « pearls », all cooked by the HRB with André on double bass and as master of ceremonies to tell us about the secrets behind the legendary orchestra.

Dancing at the Savoy Ballroom

The Harlem Rhythm Band invites Aude and Pom, Swing dancers

When Aude and Pom, then Aurélien and Laure, two pairs of crazy swing dancers meet the Harlem Rhythm Band (i.e mad swing musicians orchestra), it gives "Dancing at the Savoy Ballroom", a show where dance, music and entertainment are the stars.

To revive these two parallel stories of jazz, those of dance and music, we went from the oldest repertoire, the Blues to go to Lindy Hop through Charleston, Shim Sham and other swing dances that are enjoying incredible success on every continent.

Last but not least, we wanted to keep the spirit of this era: play and dance to have fun, with elegance and share these moments with people who listen to us and sometimes join us on stage for a few Shim Sham steps ...

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